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DISTILLATION & EXTRACTION of various types oil-bearing plant
PIM Ltd. designs and produces distillation equipment, based on a different type of technologies for essential oils extraction from oil-bearing crops (industrially grown and wild herbs). The capacity and size of the facilities depend on the specific project of the client and the client's requirements for oil extraction. They are designed for all kinds of oil-bearing plants (lavender, rose, lemon balm, garden sage, white yarrow, rose, thyme, mint and many others).

DISTILLERY - principal equipment:

The processing of the flowers of oil-bearing plants (lavender or others) passes through several main stages: The lavender flower enters isolated distillation machines, steam under high pressure of 0.6 MPa to 0.8 MPa is fed to them and a heat treatment of the sample is conducted. The fumes are directed through a funnel to the shell-and-tube heat exchanger and while passing through it, the mixture of vapour, aromas and oil cools down and becomes a liquid which enters the Florence flask. In that flask, the separation of the lavender (essential) oil from the water is done by means of decanting.

The essential-oils production equipment ("turnkey") is offered as a comprehensive, fully complete solution:

EXTRACTION - principal equipment:

The extraction is a process of a complete or partial extraction of a substance out of liquid mixture or solid body through the use of solvent with selective solubility (selective solvent) and is the second most significant way of producing natural aromatics, after distillation. In order the process to occur, the initial mixture and the solvent must be brought in close contact, during which the soluble substance passes into the solvent and then mechanically the two phases are separated. The solvent which extract the substance is called extractant, the enriched solvent - extract and the initial mixture which is now missing the dissolved substance is called raffinate.

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    Distillation Apparatus

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    Distillation Apparatus with Cooler

  • Distillation Apparatus with Cooler

    Distillation Apparatus with Cooler

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    Florence Flask

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